10 Reasons for a Business to 'Push The Button' on Outsourcing

​Here is a great list of reasons for outsourcing to a VA (and you know we love a list!):

1. It’s 100% productive

Outsourcing is a flexible and pay as you go service, which means Virtual Assistants only work when you need them and they only charge for the hours they work. Easy!

2. Work vs Life Balance

It helps to bring balance back to your day, by freeing-up time to use how you wish.

3. Better than an employee

Virtual Assistants are self-employed, so no employee commitments like: tax, holiday pay or disciplinary procedures. And they work from their own office, so no office space and equipment overheads either.

4. Reduced workload

Outsourcing your work means less work for you to do. It’s that straight-forward.

5. Twice the people-power

More people doing the work, means more work will get done. Yay!

6. Focus on your business and achieve success

Concentrate on your passion and figure out the goals you need to reach what is your definition of success.

7. Reconnect with your customers

Use the time to exceed customer expectations and become more efficient. Maintain excellent levels of service to existing clients and exceed expectations.

8. Outsource the things you hate doing

This will have appositive effect on your motivation and the way you tackle your day, if you no longer have to do the tasks you don’t like and find boring.

9. Outsource the things you find difficult

Get some self-esteem back, free-up loads more time and just focus on your strengths.

10. Outsource the things you shouldn’t be doing

This is where you go from being a jack-of-all-trades to the master of one. BOOM!

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