20 Great Things You Can Outsource Today

I'm going to share a game-changing list of 20 tasks that you can cross off your 'to do' list TODAY!

1. New website design or updating the content of your current website

Grab yourself a shiny new website or revise your current one.

2. Email management, including Inbox detox of spam and old emails

Only have current emails on your Inbox and don't let the important ones get lost or overlooked.

3. Advertising campaigns

Create, design and launch your latest update, promotion or offer, via email, social media and flyer distribution.

4. Sending and chasing invoices

You've done the hard work and now you want to move on and not worry about getting paid.

5. Marketing material design

Promote your business everywhere with brand unified business cards, flyers, brochures and adverts.

6. Following-up leads

Don't let your leads go cold - it is a doorway to new business, so see where they will take you.

7. Data entry

[tumble weeds] It's data entry. That's all.

8. Answering customer service inquiries

Keep open communication between you and your customers and make them feel heard.

9. Responding to website inquiries

Make a great impression with potential customers by giving timely and informative responses.

10. Event organisation

Plan and advertise an event for any occasion.

11. Blog creation, processing and publishing support

Prove your business knowledge - continuously share your tips, advice and experiences to gain attention.

12. Newsletter creation and distribution

Update your current customers with your periodic news, promotions and changes.

13. Creation of social media profile accounts

The biggest, most FREE advertising and networking tool - use it! And use it well.

14. Create and manage LinkedIn profile

Showcase yourself - promote your experience and skills, whilst connecting with like-minded professionals.

15. Editing and proofreading

Dont' worry aboute publishing, embarassingley mis-pelt or gramatically incorrect documentation? :-)

16. Copy and audio typing

Turn your rough notes into concise and fancy documents, letters or emails.

17. CRM updates and maintenance

Improve your relationship with your customers - record their business details and your history with them.

18. Mail merge creation

Compile a targeted list of potential or existing customers, ready to send your next big promotion to.

19. Creating and managing spread-sheets

These are so useful! Lists, budgets, project management, contact details - you're bonkers if you don't use them.

20. Manage client on-boarding and termination process

Never forget to take the time and welcome new customers or to say goodbye to old ones.

See our full list of Services and Prices, or contact us to begin the process of elimination to your daily tasks.

"Outsourcing is Made for Small Businesses"

I've said it before and I've just said it again - and it really couldn't be easier.

As a small Business Owner, you cover a variety of roles, but by delegating your time-consuming jobs you will:

  • Reduce your workload and get back to focusing on your business

  • Double the people power, double the amount of work done

  • Pick and choose the tasks that you don’t / can’t / won’t do anymore.

  • Be 100% productive – we only work you need us and we only charge for the hours we work.

By identifying the things you do that don't move your business forward you can save time and make money from outsourcing them.

What would your working day look like by crossing just one of the above things off of your to-do list?

Find out more about Why you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

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