5 Steps to Being the Boss (of your business)

This simple exercise will identify which tasks you can outsource and at what it cost, so please, grab a cuppa and take a well-deserved 15-minute break.

Let’s begin:

1. Write down each task you cover within your business on a:

  • Daily basis, for example: check emails, social media posts, respond to queries

  • Weekly basis, for example: write a newsletter, network, filing,

  • Monthly basis, for example: bookkeeping, blog post, marketing campaign

2. Then highlight the ones you enjoy:

  • your strengths

3. Divide the remaining tasks into the following categories:

  • Hate, for example: check emails, filing, respond to queries

  • Difficult, for example: bookkeeping, marketing campaign

  • Boring, for example: social media posts, blog posts / newsletters

  • These are your time-consuming jobs and how often you do them.

4. Calculation of interest:

  • How much is your time worth per hour? [times this by]

  • How many hours do you spend on the above admin on point No.3? [equals to]

  • How much money you lose per month …

  • Any work you do that isn't paid for by a client, doesn't earn you money - you are literally working for yourself.

5. Call to Action:

You now know what tasks take up your time and how often it happens, by outsourcing these you can have the freedom to achieve your success. You can choose to outsource as much as you like, as often as you like to suit your budget.

REMEMBER we always provide a FREE consultation to help you on your way to outsourcing.


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