Virtual Assistants are Better than Employees

You might need an extra pair of hands because your business has grown or perhaps there are some daily tasks that you don’t like doing and this is ruining your motivation to succeed.

Hiring an employee is a big commitment on time and finances, so this is why outsourcing is made for small businesses - it’s easy, flexible, works to a budget and you pick the tasks to delegate.

Here are 5 good reasons why Virtual Assistants are better than Employees:

1. We are not Employees

Let’s start with the obvious - VA’s work for a separate company, so there are no financial or legal commitments of an employee, like employees tax / pension or disciplinary procedures.

2. We are 100% Productive

VA’s only work when you need them and they only charge for the hours they work. No seat warmers here!

3. We are Virtual

VA’s work from their own fully-equipped office, so there is no extra office space or equipment overheads for the Business Owner.

4. We are Business Owners too

VA’s understand what it takes to run a business because we run our our and can be there as a soundboard.

5. We are Professionals in our area

VA’s are experts in their field, providing experience, confidence and quality work.

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