Why Should You Outsource to a VA?

“The one person every Business Owner should have at their disposal – the [General] Virtual Assistant. This is the one person that you can lean on to help you day to day, more than anyone else. They are true life savers! If you don’t have one on board in your business yet - get one now!”.

Chris Ducker, CEO, Mentor and Author

1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

First, let’s just cover the basics.

A Virtual Assistant (or VA) is an expert in administration and they support small Business Owners, whether they are limited companies or self-employed. These businesses will outsource their time-consuming admin tasks to VA’s, allowing the them to just get on with it and make money or to reduce their working hours for their personal life. VA’s are largely self-employed and work from their own home-based office (hence the ‘virtual’ bit!)

So, here are a few main areas where VA’s can provide support within a business:

  • General and Traditional Admin.

  • Social Media Marketing.

  • Website Design and Development.

  • Accountancy and Bookkeeping.

  • HR, Recruitment and Legal.

But every VA has a niche (an expert in one or two specific areas), so realistically you’re not going to find a One-VA-Fits-All-Of-The-Above. You will need to figure out where your business weaknesses are and what the time-consuming jobs are, then find a VA to suit.

Now, a few questions for you to mull over:

  • Are you networking, advertising and growing your mailing list of potential clients?..

  • Are your clients receiving quality service and you are getting recommendations?..

  • Are you up to date with work: deadlines met; invoices sent and emails responded to?..

  • Are you reaping the benefits of being your own boss and have a work/life balance?..

2. Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

So, let’s jump straight into the good bits - we VA’s come with a list of benefits (and you know we love a good list!).

Key features of working with a VA:

  • Home-based Support - we work from own equipped office, so minimum overheads.

  • Flexible Service - we work only when you need us, so we are there at your busiest times.

  • Pay As You Go - we only charge for the hours we work, so its 100% productive.

  • Future Achievements - we support you to reach your goals.

  • Hassle Free - we are self-employed, so no employee commitments.

  • Focus on Core Business - remember the reason why you set up your business.

  • Drives Business Growth - you get time back to focus on your business potential.

  • Work versus Life - we help bring balance back to your day.

  • Reduced Workload - frees up your time to spend it productively.

  • Twice the Manpower - double the amount of work.

  • Access to New Leads - we network and always try to find new business for you.

  • Deliverables and Deadlines - get back on track and exceed customer expectations.

  • Business Confidante - we are Business Owners too, so use us for help and advice.

  • Best of all: we add VALUE to you and your business!

Being a Business Owner is AWESOME! .. you are your own boss and you are doing the thing you are good at, so you’re successful. Right? You make your own rules, you take time off when you need it and you reap the financial rewards. Right? Am I right??

This may not be entirely accurate, but that’s OK. People don’t always consider ALL aspects of running a business when they start-up – and it may take years to realise this. Your vision was probably being successful in your passion and not taking on the variety of roles you have to cover, from Financial Director, to Marketing and Social Media Guru, to IT Support.

I know exactly how you feel. 10 years ago I turned my hobby into a business and became a professional photographer. Personally, I enjoyed the extra roles of running a business because it was in my career background (admin / customer service). But one person can’t do it all and do it WELL: you need to be a social butterfly in networking, you got to be on social media everyday with lots of interesting things to say, you basically need a qualification in graphic design to advertise and then try to get your head around an financial spread-sheet.

I gave up my photography business after 5 years because of the lack of growth, even though I was working 7 days a week, sometimes until 11pm. But now I’m using my experience to support people who have a great business idea to succeed.

Don’t fall out of love with what you are doing just because the other bits suck – yes, they have to be done, but not by you.

Spending less time on the things that do not make you money and more time on the things that do, will make you more money!

But it’s not just about the MONEY: We all have different reasons to outsource and sometimes it’s not about growing your business or profits. Some of us just want to feel rich in time. A reduction of working hours means more free time for family, hobbies, socialising, evenings and weekends. So apart from the proud feeling of owning your own business, the next best reason is being your own boss and having a work / life balance.

3. Why do Business Owners Outsource?

If you thought that outsourcing was only for larger companies, I’ve got great news for you:

Small Business Owners (Managing Directors to Freelancers) outsourcing is made for YOU!

If you are just about covering costs each month, the sensible part of you won’t want to add another outgoing expense. And if you are working 24/7 the hassle of taking on another pair of hands and managing them will feel draining.

But this is the EXACT time you need to. As your business grows, you need to grow with it:

Free-up time you waste on admin tasks to make more money.

VA’s want to make your life easier and for the relationship to be seamless.

"A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish” Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Aviator and Author

Business Owners have one main goal: to be SUCCESSFUL. Whether success means to be rich or have a harmonious work / life balance. We want you to be successful - if you succeed, we succeed.

Honest reasons Business Owners outsource their time-consuming tasks:

  • They are boring and a drag.

  • They are difficult and daunting.

  • They shouldn’t be on their list of responsibilities.

4. Working with a Virtual Assistant

It couldn’t be easier! We are organised control-freaks, so best case scenario – you don’t have to do a thing.

VA’s get stuck in with a comprehensive consultation to find out everything about you and your business: about your industry, how it runs, who your clients are and where the time-consuming problems lie. We then come up with a strategic plan to achieve your potential.

We work when you need us and we charge by the hour, so you only pay for the work we do. It’s 100% productive.

Virtual Assistants are better than Employees:

  • No taxes, pension, insurance, holiday and sick leave pay.

  • Pay for the work we do and not just pay us when there is nothing to do.

  • No overheads of office space, equipment or training.

  • We are also Business Owners so we understand the importance of success.

5. How Can ONE HOUR PA Support You?

Our Service starts with a FREE Consultation – a one to one chat will be on a friendly, no obligation basis and will be personal to your situation and business requirements.

Our support is always tailored to our client's specific needs, from what they need to when they need it and how often, therefore please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will be happy to book in a time and date that suits you, to discuss and pinpoint the services that you may require.

General / Traditional Administration and Bookkeeping:

  • Filing, archiving and storage.

  • Setting up internal processes.

  • Word processing and formatting documents.

  • Sending correspondence and contacting customers.

  • Data entry.

  • Excel spread-sheet set-up.

  • Diary management.

  • Email management.

  • Invoicing.

  • Liaising with Suppliers.

  • Copy and audio typing.

  • Editing and proof Reading.

  • Report Collation.

  • Social Media Management.

  • Blog and Website Updates

  • Newsletter creation and distribution.

  • Bookkeeping and Bank Reconciliation

  • Payroll

  • Preparation of tax submissions

… and so much more, please see our full list of Services.

​If you would like to request a service that is not listed above, please get in touch and we will honestly say if this is something that we can cover - if not, we may know someone who can!

6. Do You Need A Virtual Assistant?

  • What would it feel like if you didn't have to do your time-consuming tasks anymore?

  • What could you finally achieve without the overwhelming workload?

  • Why should you do the tasks that you do not want to do?

  • What is your time worth?

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