Case Study

Wild Kingfishers was established in 1948 and until 2019, they were known as a Kingfishers Montessori Nursery. They are an intimate setting, accommodating 24 children between the ages of 2-4 and they pride themselves on their extensive garden for outdoor learning. Their approach to childcare is that every child is unique and they encourage them to develop individually and confidently.


But in September 2019, despite their established status, the number of children they had registered was at minimum and business was a couple of months away from closing. They needed to make some drastic changes to attract more parents and stand out from the dominating larger preschools in their area.


They updated their message from just Montessori to an 'outdoors-style' learning preschool, and changed their name to Wild Kingfishers Preschool (WKF) to reflect the natural and fun image. Now they needed to streamline the things that weren't working and launch their brand refresh.

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